September 9th is International Box Wine Day

Today is September 9th, which means today is the first International Box Wine Day!

I know! It’s very exciting and loooooong overdue. 

As we have long been champions of box wine, we were especially looking forward to celebrating this day with you.

However, due to the resurgence in COVID-19 cases across the U.S., we have decided to postpone our International Box Wine Day plans until next year. While we are disappointed that we won’t be able to go-through with our original plans, we urge you to celebrate safely at home or with those who are fully vaccinated. 

Here’s just a taste of some of our original plans:

  • Box Wine Day Event — Tasting of premium wines available here in the States and abroad. 
  • Live stream featuring our wine tasters — showcasing wine reviews and the economics of “going boxed.”
  • Invited box wine makers and around the world to create box wine tasting events to celebrate the day.

We couldn’t wait to see what winemakers had in store for INBW Day. Although some of these plans will have to wait until next year, we are confident that many of you will still celebrate by enjoying tastings, by trying new premium box wines, or by relaxing with dear friends and your favorite box wines. 

We will be celebrating at home today with some of our favorite premium box wines, of course. May we suggest you check out some of our recent tastings for recommendations?

Be sure to let us know what you do to celebrate! Or send us ideas for 2022!

Tip: make sure you have your favorite box wines purchased in case we all have to lockdown again soon. 

Cheers everybody, stay safe, and happy International Box Wine Day!