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Boxed wines have come a long way. While the improvements in taste and quality have been monumental, boxed wines still come in unattractive cardboard packaging. The eco-friendly cardboard box only serves two basic functions: storage and distribution. This issue presented a prime opportunity for two artists to come together to create a beautiful and highly functional solution: The Wine Nook®.

Cindy Saadeh is a professional artist with a background in oil painting, which she learned while living in France. At her art gallery, she was serving boxed wine for the guests at her monthly artist receptions. Wanting to present the wine in a way that matched the beauty of the space, she had the idea to put it in something more appealing than the typical cardboard box. But there wasn’t a good solution available at the time. Cindy says, "I thought, if I'm having this problem, many others must be as well. Time to create a solution."

She took the idea to her gallery manager Michael Ripper, a woodworker, to design something. After several prototypes, together they settled on what now is the Wine Nook®. They got the Nook patented and now everyone has a solution to serve their box wine and cocktails in a more beautiful way!

AK Russell

Creative Director

Kim has more than 15 years of advertising and graphic design experience, having served as creative director at several agencies throughout her career. She is also a watercolorist and oil painter. She holds a BFA in commercial design and a CCD (Coordinating Chaos Degree) in life. Kim loves the smell of crayons and thrives on starting her day with a delicious Southern sweet tea! She finds that the most difficult part of her day is putting her creative brain to bed. Her motto: “I work, eat, and dream a project until it’s complete!”

Lindyn Snider

Content Writer & Researcher

Lindyn Snider is a Content Writer and Researcher for Wine Nook®. A full-time student, she is currently pursuing an Integrated Studies degree in Communication and Marketing. She’s been writing for Wine Nook since 2017 — before she could actually partake in wine tastings. “I had to trust the instincts of the tasters to give me vibrant descriptions so I could effectively write the early blogs,” she says.

Ginny Tallent

Personalization Master

Keep trying until you figure out the best way for you to do it. Not everyone has to do things the same way. Kindness matters. Without love, in the dream, it will never come true. — Instilled in me from birth is the certainty that women are strong, capable leaders, encouragers, and providers. I am so excited to be part of the Wine Nook team. Cindy and I met through our boys and their scouting adventures. She was looking for an engraver. I was looking for just the right push to start my own business. It has been a delightful partnership.

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BPA Free, Fillable 3L Bag Includes Nozzle
What is inside a Wine Nook? Great question, here is fun graphic that shows you!
Easily Transportable, Wooden Box Wine Dispenser

Because It’s The Best!

Why boxed wine?

Boxed wine is the best way to serve wine at any occasion. Today, the quality and taste of boxed wine are a match for bottled wine — but with more benefits!

Cost-Effective: Because cardboard box and plastic bags are easier to produce and transport, boxed wine is generally less expensive than bottled wine. Boxed wine also holds around 4 times as much wine as a typical bottle, allowing you to serve more guests at once and save on costs.

Stays Fresh Longer: Boxed wine can be enjoyed much longer than bottled wine! Leftover boxed wine can be saved simply by putting the bag in the fridge and will stay fresh up to 6 weeks from removing the seal.

Eco-Friendly: Boxed wine is the smart choice for the environment. Cardboard boxes are recyclable and biodegradable. They take less energy to produce and are less likely to break and contaminate your wine.

Because there is no cork involved with box wine, you never need to worry about cork taint spoilage-always a possibility with corked bottled wine

Your Purchase Plants Trees


Climate change is already affecting all of us. It can be overwhelming to think about how we as individuals can do anything about it. But there ARE things we can do—and it’s ok to start small! Together, all our drops can fill the bucket to make a positive impact on our world.

Here at Wine Nook® we work together with our customers so we can all do our part to lessen the effects of climate change. Through our partnership with the National Forest Foundation, one tree will be planted for every Nook purchased. You can feel good that you are helping the environment when you enjoy your boxed wine in a Nook! If you want to know other ways you can help, check this out.

Logo for donations. At Wine Nook we make a donation for every nook purchased
National Forest Foundation Logo. This is certification that we do in fact plant trees