Top Box Red Blend: Look What's On Tap!

Spring is on its last legs, and I can feel the heat of summer inching closer by the day. Summer is all about sangrias, cocktails, and other chilled beverages. ...But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. By my count, we’ve still got a few weeks of spring left. This means we have a few more rainy & chilly days. What’s the best pairing for a rainy, chilly day? A wonderful red, of course! Today’s wine tasting and review is the Top Box Red Blend from Yakima Valley, Washington. This wine is a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot.

This tasting was done with our team virtually over Zoom. Obviously, we all had our own box to use (and enjoy from later!).

Tasting Notes:

Right away this wine hits you with a fragrant aroma of cherries. We also detected some berry notes in the nose. The color of this wine is gorgeous. It’s a lush dark red, and definitely a full-bodied wine. 

As for the taste, immediately we were all struck by how velvety this wine is. It’s so luxuriously silky. The flavor is such a nice burst of fruit without being too sweet. It’s quite balanced. The cherry notes definitely carry over from the aroma. It also has some lovely subtle chocolate notes. This Top Box Red Blend is seriously so yummy.

Because of these cherry and chocolate notes, we think this wine would hold up nicely paired alongside some spicy and savory faire. We’re thinking chili or even fajitas? These notes mean this wine would also be great with just about any chocolate desserts or fruity pies. A unique choice for a picnic wine, maybe?

Normally in our tastings we each have just one small glass. With this wine, we each had two tall glasses — that’s how good this the Top Box Red Blend is. I can’t emphasize it enough, this is a definite new fave for us. In fact, we gave one of our boxes to a Cabernet Sauvignon enthusiast friend of ours — who also happens to be a box wine skeptic — and he couldn’t get over how good it was. Absolutely worth purchasing if you can find it near you!  

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—lindyn snider