We are pleased to announce the first numbered and limited edition release in our new Artisan Series. A celebration of classic design and contemporary sensibilities, “The Manhattan” Wine Nook is our humble nod to the mid-century modern style. A true work of art, hand-crafted in the United States by Designer Michael Ripper, “The Manhattan” is an exclusive release with only 50 units available! Don’t miss your chance to acquire this exceptional Wine Nook.

Please allow 4 weeks for creation and delivery.

Last day to order for the holidays is November 27th, 2020.

“The design of The Manhattan Wine Nook was inspired by interior and exterior city architecture that I experienced as a child during trips with my family into New York City.My father worked as a graphic designer at Time Life Books at 30 Rockefeller Center for over 25 years, so I became quite familiar with the sights of Manhattan. The contrasting colors of the buildings, sidewalks, windows and pavement, along with the sights,sounds, and smells of the city were awe inspiring to a child.

My love of mid-century modern furniture comes from my deep appreciation for handmade wood furniture with simple, geometric straight line structures and the incorporation of soft angles and curves for the base and hardware. There was a lot of 2-D art, functional art, and many household items that had excellent design in my childhood home. Growing up in this environment undoubtedly had an influence on some of the award winning artwork that I created while I was working towards my degrees in Ceramics and Wood Design at East Carolina University School of Art.”

Michael Ripper
Creator of The Manhattan

“Every wood component of the Manhattan Wine Nook is first hand-selected and cut from the specific area of the board that has the most unique character and beautiful grain patterns. I chose to use locally-sourced, beautiful, Appalachian Mountain hardwoods, with the naturally contrasting colors of two different species: Quarter Sawn White Oak and American Black Walnut. All of the wood for this limited edition Artisan Series is hand-chosen by me and is sustainably sourced.

Each component is then cut so that the grain patterns are in the most aesthetically pleasing configuration. Then each component is strategically positioned to highlight the subtle nuances of these exquisite Appalachian hardwoods.

I apply three coats of satin lacquer which adds a soft sheen and a protective UV finish to the inside and outside of each Manhattan Wine Nook. Hand sanding between each coat highly enhances the iridescent qualities of the Quarter Sawn White Oak. It truly showcases the magnificent beauty of each of these Appalachian Mountain wood species.”

The finishing touch and final element is a removable, copper door with a small, handmade chalkboard panel to label the drink contents. The stunning patina pattern on the copper is just another aspect that makes this Limited Edition Wine Nook truly one of a kind. The custom copper patina was chosen because it’s very reminiscent of gazing at city lights through a rain soaked window —as the raindrops descend, they leave a long trail of reflected light. I can already hear the jazz piano playing and taxis blowing their horns…”

-Michael Ripper

Michael hand sands every component of the Manhattan Wine Nook


Michael carefully trims the beautiful copper door of each Wine Nook

Along with your exclusive, limited release,
Mid Century Modern Wine Nook, you will also receive:

  • Your own numbered certificate of authenticity. Only 50 will be created
  • 5 fillable bags for your favorite beverages. Serve your favorite cocktail, sangria, bottled wine, or other beverage of your choice
  • Recipe card for the classic cocktail that inspired it all — “The Manhattan”. This recipe fills a 3-Liter bag, perfect for any event, party or an evening cocktail
  • Wine Nook logo ice pack –keeps your cocktails, wine or beverage chilled for hours
  • Artisan Story and facts about “The Manhattan” Nook
  • Chalk –to identify your drink on “The Manhattan” Wine Nook
  • Collapsable Funnel –to help you load your fillable bags with cocktails, wine blends or any beverage less than 80 proof. Note: do not add carbonated beverages to fillable bags.