Two Of Our Favorite Wine Destinations

When thinking of wine production regions that have stood the test of time and that continue to produce and improve extraordinary wines there are several regions that automatically come to mind. Two of those would be the region of Tuscany in Italy and the Napa Valley in California. Even the non-wine connoisseur has heard of these areas and can associate them with excellent wines and beautiful countryside. Tuscany, one of the most-loved areas of Italy by wine lovers worldwide, has a history of wine making on its side. Grapes were cultivated there by the Etruscans nearly 3,000 years ago. Today, Tuscan wine predominantly involves the Sangiovese grape. 80% of all wines from Tuscany are red and the Sangiovese is the grape of choice by most. This grape is often called a chameleon because it can have several layers of aromas and flavors. Sangiovese wines can range in flavor from tart cherry-like and jammy strawberry to more vegetal tasting notes, such as roasted red peppers and ripe tomatoes. It’s high in both acid and tannin, making it one of the more versatile grapes available to winemakers in the area. Tuscans proudly say that their wines are the best in the world. Californians might differ with that statement. The Napa Valley is a source of pride for the wine growers in the United States. The first grapes there were cultivated in the 1850’s and now the Napa Valley is home to more than 400 wineries which are mostly family-owned. This beautiful, peaceful valley can boast that more than three dozen different wine grape varieties flourish but Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay are the most widely planted. Cabernet Sauvignon is known for its dark fruit flavors such as black cherry, blackberry, and black currant and definitely reigns king in Napa. For the second year in a row a Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon took top honors as one of the world’s best wines according to Vivino, the largest online wine marketplace. Visiting a winery is a unique and distinctive experience and an adventure that everyone should take the opportunity to do. Wines are produced in beautiful places and choosing a wine destination means immersing yourself in a picturesque setting with like-minded souls who just want to relax, learn, and taste unique flavors. So, are you ready to book your trip? While many wineries are open by appointment-only, you will now have to make a reservation in advance, limit your group size, and you'll be required to wear a mask until seated. After these precautions take place, you may be ready to experience the many different wineries Napa and Tuscany have to offer!

Below is a list of wineries that are now open for tasting!

Priest Ranch is a historic Napa Valley property located in Yountville, California. Priest Ranch welcomes you to a tasting room to showcase you an experience you won't forget. At Priest Ranch, they are committed to provide you with quality wine and a quality experience.

At Merryvale Winery, enjoy an incredible wine journey created uniquely for you. In the heart of Napa Valley, St. Helena nestles the first winery production facility that was built after the repeal of prohibition. Merryvale holds a unique history of Napa Valley and California. Perfect for wedding receptions, rehearsal dinners, family occasions, and more.

Round Pond Estate, surrounded by vineyards located on Rutherford estate, is the ideal location for a unique wine tasting experience. At Round Pond Estate, grapes arrive in cool and pristine condition allowing them to benefit from a delicate blend of artisan techniques. With a beautiful second story tasting lounge, one will be able to enjoy panoramic views of the vineyards and Mayacamas Mountains, making for a dream destination in the heart of Napa Valley. Located in North Tuscany, Castello di Nipozzano offers an experience of a lifetime. Enjoy sipping wine in a 1,000 year old castle. A visit will include a tour of the monumental cellars that are used to age Chianti Rùfina, the tasting room in an old kitchen, and more. Capezzana, just a few miles from Florence, this estate has been producing wine since A.D. 804. During the summer months, don't miss the terrace with view of Florence's Duomo. Enjoy a guided tour of the estate and a look at the historic cellar followed by a tasting of their best wines.