This One’s For The Men!

Wine is everybody's drink! For centuries people have come together to share a glass (or two). So, it’s important for the men out there to know, we’ve got a Wine Nook for you too! 

Leaving out half the population is never a smart move. In fact, the Original Nooks were created with everyone in mind! They’re crafted out of pine and stained either maple or walnut. The perfect addition to any man cave! 

Then came along our first limited edition Artisan series: The Manhattan Nook. This bad boy is hand-crafted by designer, Michael Ripper. His detailed craftsmanship went into each Nook. And with only 50 made ever - you don’t want to miss out! It’s easy to get lost in it’s dreamy aesthetic and adds a bit of art to any counter space. 

What else makes this a go-to vessel for men? We must have forgotten to mention it’s to-go ability! The sturdy handle secures the transfer from house to boat, or BBQ to ballgame. It turns a casual business meeting into a slick one with it’s sleek design. And it’s a top-notch gift when it comes to Father’s Day or birthdays! 

More of a cocktail enthusiast than wine lover? Have no fear - Wine Nooks are perfect for that as well! Just mix up your favorite drink - spirits up to 80 proof only - fill the Nook and enjoy! 

So, just as wine is for everyone - so are Wine Nooks! We simply created an artistic vessel to pour your favorite box wine. Time to discard the cardboard & slide into a Wine Nook because the rest is history.