Que Syrah, Syrah: Look! What’s on Tap?

This French wine blend may be your next Valentine! Today we reviewed the Réserve St. Martin Syrah Grenache Rosé, a rosé wine blend sourced from the Pays d’Oc region of France. Quick side note: it warms my heart to see all the French boxed wine that’s come out in the past couple years. Now if only some California vineyards would follow suit…  

Now, if you’re anything like me, then you’re on the fence about Valentine’s Day. On one hand, it’s turned into an opportunity for excess consumerism and commercialization. We spend so much money buying pink teddy bears and chocolate hearts. And do we really need a special day to treat our loved ones? On the other hand, it can be cathartic to get caught up in the abundance of love for a day! We should let ourselves relish in the little things every now and then. Moderation through mindfulness and all that. So I say enjoy the world through rosé-colored glasses for a day.  

Could this wine be a great way to kick off the season of love?

The Tasting 

Réserve St. Martin Syrah Grenache Rosé

With the notes of Réserve St. Martin Syrah Grenache Rosé in the air, we began our wine tasting this week. This wine has the aroma of a crisp, clean spring day. Like those not-quite-warm-enough days when you regret your bare arms, but you’re nonetheless happy for the wafting scent of fresh blooms. And like newly blossoming peonies, this rosé is a light coppery-pink.

As we’ve noted before, rosé wines are quite literally the best of both worlds for red and white wines. They can be dry or sweet, floral, fruity, and every flavor in between. The Réserve St. Martin Syrah Grenache is a blend, so we should expect some fabulous flavor combos. 

The top notes for us were white raspberries, green apple and pepper. And did we detect a hint of strawberries, perhaps? We loved this wine. It was easy on the palate — complex but light in flavor and semi-dry. We’d recommend pairing this with salads, grilled dishes, and seafood.

After some googling, we can assure you that this wine doesn’t originate from some general unnamed French area. This wine was produced in the Languedoc-Roussillon region of coastal France. Grapes from this area are numerous and varied, with many popular varietals being produced there. I’d imagine this is where the Grenache and Syrah grapes originated before becoming rosé wine. 

Now just imagine it’s St. Valentine’s day. You’re sampling the delicious chocolate you’ve just received, and you wish you had a lovely French wine to pair alongside your snack. Well friends, Réserve St. Martin Syrah Grenache Rosé is here for you. Despite all the toil and heartbreak and joy Valentine’s day can bring, just know you can turn to this lovely pink drink. We certainly will be.

5/5 Taps