Summer has arrived, which means the outdoor season is in full swing! BBQs, pool parties, beach vacations are the places to be. What’s not to love about summer? 

With being on-the-go at an all time high, we tend to rely on favorite travel companions. Ones that make travel a wee bit easier. Like using a cooler with wheels for that long walk to a picnic table, or a backpack fold-up chair to relax in while enjoying the great outdoors. 

Go-to-to-go items are a must and Wine Nook is no exception. When creating our box wine dispenser, travelling was a heavy topic. We wanted a vessel that could go with you, no matter where that was. So, we developed a sturdy handle - one that withstands portability for many, many uses. 

Since wine is a picnic favorite. Wine Nook eliminates the mess that comes with a broken bottle. It’s a safer way to travel - nobody likes spilled wine! Plus, it’s tight seal keeps it from leaking. 

So, as you're out and about this season, keep in mind how bumpy your travel roads can be. Then you’ll truly appreciate the functionality of Wine Nook. 

Don’t blame us when you don't want to leave home without it. 😉