Personalize It!

Think back to being a kid - what’s the first thing you were proud of? You’re likely thinking of your favorite toy, but isn’t it really your name? From first learning to say it and then to writing it, you (and Mom & Dad) were so proud once you made those steps. Scribbling your name on everything you could get your hands on (looking at you - crayon on walls)! 

Now think of your favorite sports team. Is pride building inside already? No matter how many losses are under your belt - that’s your team bottom line. So just like your name, you show off this pride to others so they know exactly who you are. Right?

What’s this all have in common?

Personalization: Making an object yours and taking pride in the fact that it is. 

This is no new trend, and it’s not likely to fade out either. As humans, we stop at almost anything to personalize something into our own. And guess what, folks? The same can be done to a Wine Nook! 

Wedding gift? Engrave the newlywed’s initials or their wedding date to really encapsulate their day! Birthday gift? Personalize it with their favorite phrase or nickname to truly make it theirs. 

Pick your favorite Wine Nook and personalize it to make it you! Take it from extraordinary to extra-extraordinary!