Non-Wine BiB Products We’re Excited to Try!

It’s true we’re a wine-loving company. “Wine” Nook and all that. But as we’ve been working on a super-secret project this summer (stay tuned), we have come across some other BiB products that we’ve been dying to try.

As a quick refresher, BiB (or Bag-in-Box) is the typical packaging style for box wine. Because it’s a bag… In a box… clever, right? And while we hail the benefits of box wine sunrise to sundown here, what we actually love is the bag inside. That’s what holds the wine and goes into our Wine Nooks after all. But today is not about wine. 

We’ve noticed a lot of other brands that have been keen on utilizing BiB packaging (some forgo the box completely), and it’s been really exciting to see different industries and brands try out alternative packaging for kitchen staples.

  •  Cold Brew Coffee
    • Surprisingly a quickly rising market with lots of brands creating their own brews. Yes my loves, we can have cold brew coffee, on-tap, right in our kitchens. Heart-eyes.
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil
    • Home chefs unite! Keep that evoo by the stove for cooking convenience. Because of the tap, you can easily measure for every recipe. Cleanup is a breeze too.
  • Spirits
    • We’ve talked about this one before, but some brands are choosing to package their spirits on tap. For instance, Black Box has an entire on-tap line consisting of whiskey, vodka, and tequila. Fireball and Twisted Tea have also dipped their toes in the BiB world.
  • Orange Juice (and other juice beverages)
    • Cocktail crafting has never been easier — especially if you consider the previously mentioned on-tap spirits. You can find juices of all types in BiB form now. Create your own at home smoothie blends, cocktail concoctions, or even play bartender at your next backyard party.

We look forward to seeing more people and brands turn to alternative packaging like the BiB!