Look! What's on Tap? La Petite Frog Picpoul de Pinet. (Orig. Tasting Date: 09/20/18)

We are thrilled for this week’s wine tasting because - as you will see - La Petite Frog Picpoul de Pinet has quickly become one of our personal favorite box wines! 

Like our previous tasting, this wine is a go-to of ours to serve at gallery openings here where we founded Wine Nook. So we were very excited to finally get to sit down, analyze, and enjoy all the flavors of this wine. We hope you enjoy it too!

The Set-Up

Today we paired the wine with local Mexican takeout. In retrospect, we’re not sure if this was the smartest pairing on our part, but we will share some better pairing ideas at the end of this tasting. This wine is imported from France, and it’s definitely a premium wine, running you about $30+ depending on where you find it. Remember though, that price is for the equivalent of four bottles of wine! Not that bad when you do the math. 

The Tasting

[Kim] caught the heady floral scent from about 3 feet away and remarked how amazingly that scent smelled like flowers on a very warm summer's day. Cindy simply said “ooh, honeysuckle.”  Kim exclaimed, “Yep, that was it! I loved to roll down the windows on a summer’s night growing up in Virginia,  and catch the powerful aroma of honeysuckle on the backroads. I used to think it was the best smell in the whole world. Now I'm in disbelief that this box wine has so easily stolen my favorite summer evening scent.”

Cindy tasted peach with a tart finish. As Kim swirled and tasted the floral nectar, she swore she tasted honeycomb in the back of her throat when she finally swallowed. They both agreed, “No wonder we fell in love with this wine! Must be what a honeybee thinks when it lands in a nectar rich flower, covered in pollen.” 

This is a refreshing wine. Maybe not appropriate for the Cali-Mex lunch, but this wine would be great almost anytime. With or without food. Some recommendations for pairing would be grilled chicken or seafood, or maybe some light pasta.

“As I sipped this wine, I thought of some delicately seasoned prawns I once had on the front porch of a seafood restaurant. There must've been honeysuckle on the breeze that evening.” -Kim

How Do We Compare?

La Petite Frog is described as, “Crisp and fruit driven, this dry white wine goes well with fish, chicken or pasta dishes.” Not much to go on, but we agree it’s a dry wine with fruity flavors. We felt the driving force of this wine, however, was the honeysuckle and honeycomb flavors! This wine absolutely tastes like summer in a box.

Final Thoughts
  • La Petite Frog Picpoul de Pinet is a dry white wine, but not overly so.
  • Honeysuckle and honeycomb were the dominant flavors we tasted, yum.
  • We would pair it with with almost any seafood, light chicken dishes, and pasta.
  • This wine is great for any occasion, formal or casual.
  • Overall, we would give this 5 out of 5 Taps. This is one of our all time favorites!
– lindyn snider