Introducing the Next Little Nook Color

Fret not, dear nooksters.
For we have heard your desperate pleas.
A new Wine Nook is on the horizon.

Flirty words, cheeks rosy from dancing, and all sorts of sweet treats — these are the things that inspired our new Little Nook. 

So, what color is this yummy new Nook? Pink! Of course. Pink is an inherently fresh color. We love how so many different people have embraced this fun color and made it their own. Now you get to see our take on this hue.

Introducing the Cheeky Pink Little Nook. The foolproof pink to go with anyone and everything. And obvi, the Cheeky Pink Little Nook can hold 3L of your favorite BIB wine or cocktail, just like the rest of our Wine Nook lineup.

Pre-orders available now. Arriving in time for summer. Limited quantities available. 

Now go out and embrace all things bubblegum.