Embrace the Box: Your Guide to the World of Box Wine - Announcing our New Book

Today we are hyped to reveal to you a project we have been working on for quite some time. Over the past year, we’ve been writing and developing our first book, Embrace the Box: Your Guide to the World of Box Wine. Now we get to share it with you! This ebook is available for free to read and share here (For mobile users: here). In the book you’ll find (among other things) how we define “Premium Box Wine,” a brief history of wine packaging, and a curated list of nearly every box wine brand we could find.

Below is an excerpt describing why we decided to write the book. 
The idea for this book really began as an answer to the current narrative surrounding box wine in U.S. publications. American writers tend to use the same, tired language when writing about box wine — whether they’re bloggers, journalists, or columnists. We believe a lot of the remaining stigma surrounding box wine is due in large part to this continued writing style.
The truth is, the BIB (Bag-in-Box) is an established and often praised packaging option in leading wine producing countries — outside of the U.S. The U.S. is not an old world wine producer; we did not start to be recognized as an esteemed producer of wine until around the 1970s. So, our delay to the next stage in the wine industry is not necessarily surprising, but our team knew we couldn’t keep quiet.
We created this book to tell people that the BIB is simply a packaging choice, one that is more environmentally-friendly and cost effective. A choice that will only continue to grow as wineries discover how much they save in materials and transport. Especially because the BIB keeps wine fresher for longer than bottles. Win/win for everyone. We created this book to show Americans who love wine just how many premium box wines are available to them — locally, regionally, nationally, and even imported. It’s just the beginning of a trend that will continue to grow.
Our team at Wine Nook is especially excited to watch the industry grow and change.