Embrace the box for your wedding!

Box wine is flowing now more than ever–I’ll tell you why…

Y’all, it’s time to get over the old stigma of box wine–that’s so 2010’s. Box
wine consumption is on the rise since 2020…what else happened that year? You
guessed…the “C” word. Yep–people wanted to take less trips to the grocery
store, stock up and we all know we needed some wine to get through those days!
So, many people who had never sipped box wine, began to try it simply out of
convenience. What did they find? There are some great ones out there! Box wine
sales skyrocketed 77% and wineries replied in kind, by producing 1000s more
varieties the world around. Bota Box wine was named “wine brand of the year” in
2021 by Market Watch, an industry publication–the first boxed wine to receive
that title.
Who cares? Well, if you like to save money (wouldn’t you rather spend
more on a honeymoon?) and care about being ecologically friendly, you care!
From those manufacturers that are choosing this packaging, you can get the
equivalent of a $20-25 bottle of the same wine for around $40/box. A 3 liter box
holds the equivalent of 4 bottles–easy math–that’s the same as $10 a bottle!
Many wine manufacturers are realizing this packaging makes a lot of sense for
them in many ways…

● Less breakage during shipping
● Lower carbon footprint–it takes 1/3 of energy to produce box wine.
Switching 97% of wines meant to drink in a year would reduce
emissions by 2 million tons—this is the same as retiring 400,000
● Both the cardboard and the plastic bag are recyclable
● Glass is no longer recyclable in many places

Current BIB (bag-in-box) technology doesn’t allow for the wine to age in the bag,
so this packaging is only for wines meant to be drunk in a year, which, let’s be
honest, most of us are serving this type of wine at our weddings. So this is
actually the perfect answer to your question “What wine do I serve at my wedding
without breaking the budget?”
If you love the idea but don’t love the cardboard box on display for your guests,
click here to see how to make a very attractive wine bar with box wine. Wine Nook is the only way to serve box wine!