Capriccio Margarita 'Ready-to-Drink' Cocktails Review

Is there anything better than a Margarita? 

No, don't answer that. Because there is only one thing: 

Margaritas on tap.

When we found out about the Capriccio ‘Take Out Cocktails’ Margarita Ready-to-Drink we knew we had to get our hands on them to taste and review. 

This product line comes in Original Margarita, Strawberry, and Mango-Passionfruit. We were only able to get our hands on the Mango-Passionfruit variety at this time, but we will keep our eyes out for the rest. (I’m gonna get that Strawberry one, mark my words.)

Before enjoying this drink, we made sure it was nice and chilled. We also did a little mini-demonstration for how to insert a bag into a Wine Nook for one of our guest taste-testers who had never done it before! It’s simple guys, and can make serving any of your favorite Bag-in-Box beverages a breeze.

The best way to describe the flavor of this ready-to-drink Marg is citrusy. It was fruity, bright, and very tropical. Even though it is quite citrusy, it doesn’t have the overpowering tartness some Margaritas have, nor is it too sweet. The flavor profile is very balanced and quite refreshing. Endlessly sippable. 

While one of our taste-testers didn’t like this drink all that much, she was quick to say it was because she wasn’t a huge fan of passionfruit in general. Fortunately, our guest taste-tester was more than happy to finish the drink for her. 

This Marg would be paired well with chicken, shellfish, and salsa. Personally, I think pairing this drink with shrimp tacos would be the best way to enjoy its juicy mango and passionfruit flavors.

I mean, c’mon. Margaritas and tacos? That’s a foolproof match like PB&J.

Which Capriccio Margarita variety are you most excited to try?