Box Wine Boom: Everyone Loves Box Wine

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Something we have been completely blown away by is how many people are choosing to purchase box wine recently! (It’s like, we know box wine is great, but we definitely appreciate the validation.) From home delivery liquor services to grocery store options, box wine has seen a massive uptick in sales in a relatively short period of time. Nielsen figures state that U.S. box wine sales may be up as much as 53 percent. The United Kingdom is telling a similar story, with its total wine sales up 400 percent according to Forbes. And with amazing new box wine additions in the U.K. every day (wine in a tube? hello!), they continue to prove they’re ahead of the game.

It’s hard to tell if this is all due to stockpiling, since we think sales would mostly increase for the alcohol people were buying before the pandemic. It seems to us that more people are using their time in isolation to experiment, because along with box wine sales, cocktail elements like mixers, bitters, and the like have also seen an increase in sales.

Many people stuck in isolation or working from home have noted that their days now seem less segmented. The days pass in a blur. Is today Wednesday? Friday? Who knows! So, drinking starts earlier and has become less a way to kick back and more a way to acknowledge “Hey, the sun is going down,” — yeah, who needs clocks anymore? Box wine is perfect for this. If you open a bottle and don’t finish it right away, it goes bad. With box wine? You have your own personal wine-on-tap with weeks of freshness. We’re talking vacuum-sealed, baby.

If you haven’t yet dipped your toes into the wonderful world of box wine, now is definitely a great time to do so! Box wine is one of the fastest growing categories in the wine industry with more and more premium brands and varietal options being offered every day. We have several box wine reviews posted on our site. Check them out, and let us know what box wine(s) you’ve been enjoying at home! Personally? We’re thirsting to get our hands-on Waitrose’s new tube wine and some wines from When in Rome!

Stay safe Nooksters.