Beso Del Sol White Sangria: Look! What’s on Tap?

The summer season may technically be over Nooksters, but this heatwave is not dying down seemingly anytime soon. So, I say we live like it’s sangria season until that first chill of autumn brushes our noses. (I’m still gonna start stocking up on fall candles, and yes, I have already downloaded my Christmas countdown app — thank you very much.) But I digress. Since summer is here to stay, this week we tasted the Beso Del Sol White Sangria. We’ve previously tried Beso Del Sol’s Red Sangria and loved it, so we definitely had our hopes up for this one. Will it live up to its red wine sibling?

For those who don’t know, sangria is one of the classic beverage concoctions you make using wine. As a cocktail, it’s typically made with red wine and chopped fruit — plus some added juices or liqueurs if it suits your fancy. Side note – white sangrias are made with white wine instead of red. I know, I was floored too.

While I am someone who loves experimenting with new cocktails and getting all up in the ingredients, sometimes you just want something on hand that you know is already great. Bag-in-box sangrias (like the ones from Beso Del Sol) are all the fun without the fuss. You still get the fresh and bright fruit profiles. You still get the wine-focused flavor we all love. You just don’t have to worry about the prep + cleanup. Anyway, I’m sure you guys are ready to read our review of the white sangria. So let’s get on with it.

The Tasting 

Beso Del Sol White Sangria

Right away this wine really hits you with how fruity it smells. It’s almost like hard candy or some other forbidden delicious fruit snack. We detected scents of apricot and grapefruit, and perhaps white raisins. Definitely wish you could smell it through the screen y’all. Go ahead and try, I won’t judge.

This sangria is smooooooth you guys. Like drinking velvet. The fruit flavors do not disappoint either. Sometimes sangrias can have an unpleasant tartness to them, but this white sangria definitely does not. It’s not too sweet either. It has an easy flavor that you could sip on all afternoon.

Final Thoughts?

We could see this sangria being the perfect tailgating companion this season. It would complement the salty snacks and game day food quite well, plus its pleasant flavor is sure to be a hit with every football fan. We would also recommend it as a Thanksgiving accompaniment. The sangria’s light and fruity profile would make a great balance to all the hearty flavors on the table!

5/5 Taps (one of our favorites we’ve reviewed so far!)