Wine Nook Tasting Event Results


Today we are bringing you the results of our wine tasting event! For those who don’t know, a couple of weeks ago we had a wine tasting at our home location. The premise was simple. We set up three wine stations: decanted wine, Wine Nooks, and box wine. Each had a red and a white option. Also, every participant was given a card to keep track of the stations they’d been to, as well as to choose their overall favorite wine at the end. To help eliminate bias, the participants weren’t allowed to know what variety of wine they were drinking, brand, or region it came from. Today we’re revealing all.


The results are in, and they are as follows:


Wine Type              Overall Favorite (number of people)Wine Tasting Cheese Tray


Decanted Red Wine: ……… 12 people

Boxed Red Wine: ………….. 4 people

Wine Nook Red Wine: …… 4 people


Decanted White Wine: ….. 2 people

Wine Nook White Wine: … 6 people

Boxed White Wine: ……….. 4 people



We have a confession to make. This wasn’t a survey on ranking the flavors of different wines. This survey was based around container bias and audience perception. Ahem. In simpler terms, we put the same red wines and the same white wines in different containers and didn’t tell people. Furthermore, ALL of the wine was box wine! Ta da!


That delicious red wine from the decanter that won by a landslide was actually the Bota Box Redvolution box wine. The dry and citrusy white wine we served was a Sauvignon Blanc from Black Box.


It’s interesting to read through the results of the wine tasting and wonder why people chose their favorites the way they did. Was the decanted red chosen because it was oxygenated a bit more? Did people prefer the Wine Nook white because it stayed chilled with the ice pack? Or was it all actually just a result of container perception?

Think about it. Imagine you were shown a fancy looking bottle of wine. Then you were shown a nondescript box wine. Which would you assume tastes better? The influence of the bottle would alter your perception of the flavor whether you know it or not. It’s important to recognize when we may become influenced by things in pretty packaging. The quality of the product inside is what matters. So branch out! Buy a boxed wine if you haven’t before! Don’t fall prey to the glass façade again.