Wine: Improve Your Tailgate Game


It’s happening.

I felt a chill in the air.


Fall is upon us. (dun, dun, DUN.)


Some of you are celebrating, some of you are lamenting. We all don’t know where the year has gone. Still, I think we can agree there are things about fall to look forward to. The leaves turn beautiful colors. The seasonal food. The crisp air that sends a tingle up your spine, (if you live in the mountains, you especially know what I mean.)


I happen to be a lover of the penultimate season. So, you can expect this blog to be your source for all things autumnal – especially where wine is concerned 😋. As we transition into the new season, one of the first things the U.S. gets excited for is…




And where there’s football, there’s tailgating. You may not hear the word “tailgating” and immediately think of wine, but I’m hoping to change that! Because as it turns out, wine is the perfect drink for it.


Wine is all about the pairings, and at a tailgate, you usually have an eclectic mix of flavors going. Nothing (looking at you, beer) can tie flavors together like wine. If you’re planning on serving meatier dishes, start by looking at reds. For lighter fare–nachos, chicken wings, and bratwursts–you’re better off with a white wine. Once you have your flavors locked down, you can get really specific with wine pairings.


A foolproof way to pick your wine? Pair your wine to your toppings and condiments!


If you really wanna up your game, try your hand at recipes that include wine. These three dishes from MyDomaine are fantastic for fall, football, and wine lovers alike. These recipes call for different types of Woodbridge wines, but we have a couple of our favorites to recommend too! 

Pinot Noir: Bota Box

Merlot: Black Box Wines

Cabernet Sauvignon: LOFT wine


The great thing about using these boxed wines is after prepping the dishes, you can take the remaining wine to serve at the tailgate!


(In your Wine Nook, of course)


If you’re having trouble finding the right pairings for your dishes, try this website here.


Just for fun, I thought I would also include this guide from Southern Living. If you’re planning on making desserts, this will help you dye icing to match your team colors!