Hating on Box Wine is So 1979



I think we’ve said it enough times by now. Box wine is the delicious yet affordable wine option. With quality so comparable to bottled wine, in blind taste tests, it’s often hard to distinguish between the two types. With that, I’ve got a bone to pick. Why is it that news reporters, bloggers, and websites always start their introductions by talking about how bad box wine used to be? It would be like starting off every tech article by saying, “Remember when we used to have to physically rewind a tape to listen to a song again? Aren’t smartphones great?” Frankly, who cares what some older person thinks about wine served 40 years ago? Starting your article by saying this instantly lets people know how out of the loop you are now.


The buzzwords these websites love to use when referring to the box wines of the past are: “stigma,” “bad rap,” and “low-quality.” We have to break away from associating these words with box wine if we want the reputation to change.


Especially because…


There’s a whole generation of young adults (21-30) who are just exploring wines for the first time. They may not know about the bias surrounding box wine. It’s our job as wine enthusiasts and experts to not turn people away in the first sentence. Young people are all about exploring what’s fresh and new. Instead of writing another tired, overdone article about how “More People Are Drinking Box Wine Now Because it’s Not as Bad as it Was When I Was in College,” try highlighting the positive environmental effects of boxed wine vs. bottled wine. Write about the plethora of premium box wines now available! Explore some smaller box wine brands! Please, give us anything but more of the same.


If you can’t tell, we’ve had it. Wine Nook is a company that is enamored with the ever-changing packaging within the wine industry. We’ve been silently fuming over the constant biased barbs aimed at box wine over the last several years. We’re looking at you: (Wine Mag, Fox News, Southern Living, The Food Rush, Coastal Living, and on…) At this point, it just comes across as lazy and uninformed. If we can do our homework, I think it’s only fair to hold bigger publications to this same standard.


I’m going to say this again, because I think it’s so important. There’s a whole budding industry of premium box wines out there just begging to be reviewed! With so many different brands available, and several vineyards taking the alternative packaging plunge, there’s no excuse to limit your box wine reporting to rehashing old opinions. Don’t act surprised when a market you wrote off 40 years ago is completely different.


So here’s the challenge: Next time you write an article about box wine, don’t start off by talking about the bias! Open your mind a little! And open your article with something fresh. This redundancy is making y’all look your age.