What is the Wine Nook?


Happy Saturday everyone!


Another week means another blog post. Today I wanted to give an in-depth look at everything Wine Nook. We’re gonna discuss what a Wine Nook is, how it works, and where you can get your own.


So, what exactly is the Wine Nook? The Wine Nook was envisioned as a sophisticated way to serve boxed wine. Created by Kingsport artists Cindy Saadeh and Michael Ripper, the Nook was originally intended as a way to serve large quantities of wine for events. However, the Nook is perfect for anyone who enjoys boxed wine, but wants a classier and easier way to dispense the wine than the box it’s packaged in.


The Wine Nook is made from hardwood Pine. Currently, it comes in three stain finishes: Light Maple, Dark Walnut, and Slate Gray. Pine was chosen for the Nook because of it’s light weight, as well as it’s dramatic grain patterns. Because of it’s light weight, it can be carried anywhere! We encourage people to take their Wine Nook on picnics, to the beach, or maybe use it during brunches or book club meetings. The options are pretty much limitless. Wherever you choose to use your Wine Nook, please drink responsibly.


The Nook sits upon scroll feet, lending the Nook a classy feel. The feet are at the perfect height for your glass. This allows you to dispense wine without dragging the Nook to the edge of your counter top.


Now you know what the Wine Nook is, but how does it work? Setup is a simple process. Included with each Nook is an ice pack for chilling drinks, and white chalk for labeling your Nook. Each Wine Nook comes ready for serving, all you have to do is provide the wine! The Nook holds most 3 Liter BIBs (Beverage in Box) of wine. You also have the option of purchasing the separate 3 Liter wine bag. You can use this to keep leftover bottled wine fresh in your Nook. This reusable bag is also perfect for those who want to serve more than just wine from their Wine Nook. You can mix up a sangria, mimosa, or even non-alcoholic drinks and then put them in your Nook!


Set Up: The entire process of setting up your Nook for serving should take about a minute.

  • Start by grabbing your favorite boxed wine and remove the BIB from the box.
  • Then, simply lift up the sliding door on the front of the Nook until it’s completely removed.
  • Insert BIB and line up the spigot to the notches in the Nook.
  • Slide door back on and serve!

Now that you know what a Wine Nook is and how it works, where can you get your hands on one? The Wine Nook is available at Cindy Saadeh Fine Art Gallery in Kingsport, TN. The Wine Nook is also available for order here on WineNook.net, as well as Amazon.com. We also have gift cards available through Cindy Saadeh Fine Art Gallery. Personalize it! The Wine Nook makes a great gift, and we have engraving available. You can get your name, your business, or your group represented on a personalized Wine Nook!


I’ll get off my salesman soapbox now 😉 Wishing for a sunny week for the end of June. See you next week!




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