What Beverages Can I Put in My Wine Nook?


By now you know what a Wine Nook is, but what exactly can you put in a Nook? The options are pretty much endless. The list below will highlight just some of the many options of beverages you can serve straight from a Nook with the help of our fillable bags. Whatever you decide to serve, our box beverage dispensers make a seamless addition to your beverage station.


1. Cocktails

The sky’s the limit here. Cocktails for your wedding? Yes, please. Cocktails at your bridal shower? Why not? No matter the event or party, it’s up to you what cocktails you want to serve. Check out Brides.com for some refreshing summer cocktail ideas.


Both Wine Nooks and Little Nooks hold the same volume (beverage bags up to 3 liters). This means one fillable bag can serve about 21 cocktails!  Note: Sparkling/carbonated beverages should not be used in our fillable bags. The bubbles can’t escape from the airtight bag!


2. Bourbon

Up the ante at your next bourbon tasting. Our fillable bags hold a TON of bourbon, (up to 3 L to be exact.) That’s about four 750 mL bottles! However, keep in mind that our fillable bags can only serve alcohol up to 80 proof. Whatever your preference, you can choose to serve your Bourbon chilled or neat, all from your Nook. I suggest serving in our original Wine Nooks to simulate that wood barrel feel.


3. Vodka, Tequila, and Whiskey

Okay so technically you can put any non-carbonated alcohol up to 80 proof in our beverage bags. But if you want an option that doesn’t require DIY filling, look no further than Black Box’s new bag-in-box liquor options. They’ve had award-winning success with their boxed wines, so it’s no surprise Black Box wants to try their hand in the spirits territory.


4. Family-Friendly Drinks

Alcohol isn’t a requirement for a good time. Get the family together to make some homemade lemonade! Experiment with a natural fruit punch recipe. Add some zest to your iced water with fresh citrus and herbs. Best of all? You can serve all of these straight from your Wine Nook!


5. Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Keep your Nook by the stove between wine tastings, and switch out that beverage bag for some new boxed EVOO. The easy to use tap means less mess, and the airtight seal of the bag means better flavor and less waste!


6. Wine

This goes without saying, but I said it anyway.