“Thinking inside the box: how cask wine became cool again”

Jul 12, 2017

We’re not alone in our love for boxed wine! Check out this article extolling the virtues of cask wine (aka boxed wine):

from: TheGuardian.com    July 2017 (By Chad Parkhill)

“Cask wine? I haven’t drunk that since I was in my 20s.” So said a middle-aged customer, somewhat sniffily, to me upon being presented with a carafe of wine that had been freshly decanted from a three-litre bag-in-box cask. But the wine inside that cask – a fresh and light blend of sangiovese, colorino and canaiolo from Tuscan producer Casale, made from organic grapes and with natural yeast – was a far cry from the cask wines that customer would have quaffed decades ago. read more