Sant’ Evasio Piemonte Barbera Tasting: Yes, We Tapped That!


A chill is in the air… It’s finally October! It’s time we tasted a proper red wine for fall. Today we’re reviewing the Sant’ Evasio Piemonte Barbera box wine. Barbera wine traditionally comes from the northern regions of Italy, and is typically a dark red color. However, despite it’s dark color, Barbera wines are not usually as full-bodied as other dark red wines.


Tasting Date: 09/27/18


The Set-Up

We decided to go full Italian style today: we’ve paired the wine with baked ziti, eggplant parmesan, crusty bread, and salad with shaved parmesan cheese. (Tip: pairing a red wine with tomato-based pasta is a foolproof combination.) We even put on Italian music – courtesy of Pandora – just to get in that mindset ;). Unlike our last two wine tastings, we had not tried the Sant’ Evasio Piemonte Barbera on a previous occasion. So we didn’t know if we already liked this wine in advance.


The Tasting

The wine was fragrant and deeply opaque in color – like a ruby or garnet. It smelled delicious, like deep dark jams and berries.

Kim: It reminded me of walking past a market display of overripe dark plums.

Cindy: The aroma was woodsy and jammy, with hints of cherry.


As for the taste itself:

Cindy tasted the wine first. She loved it! “It’s so smooth and velvety,” were her exact words. In fact, she was in Italy over the summer, and she said the wine took her right back to an evening in Tuscany where she and her husband ate outside in the balmy heat among the vineyards and breathtaking landscape. Fun fact: Cindy made happy content sounds on at least three of the wine swallows.

As for Kim’s thoughts, she was delighted that this wine wasn’t overly dry or robust like you get with some reds. In general, she’s not a big fan of bold Reds, so this was a nice change. She definitely tasted the jammy blackberry flavors. Something she kept emphasizing was that the acidity of the wine really brought out the tomato flavor of the pasta well.


How Do We Compare?

There’s no description for this wine on the box or the winery’s website, but The Raleigh Wine Shop has a nice description: “A smooth texture with bright red berries, and a dry finish with a bit of acidity, makes this a true food-lovers wine. But don’t worry, it’s just as delicious having a glass on its own too.” Berries? Check. Acidity? Check. We agree that this wine is light enough to pair with food or enjoy on it’s own.


Final Thoughts

    • Sant’ Evasio Piemonte Barbera is a great boxed Barbera wine, light but flavorful.
    • Blackberry flavors meshed with cherry and woodsy notes.
    • This wine has the perfect level of acidity to complement tomato-based italian foods. It’s a perfect combination.
    • This wine is great with or without food.
    • Overall, we would give this 4 out of 5 Taps.


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4 taps