Pour Haus Red Blend: Look! What’s on Tap?


Take it from us, friends. Thanksgiving is only days away, and box wine is the way to go for serving your guests. You get so much wine for a fantastic price, and the wine is amazing! Having trouble choosing? Glance through all of our Tasting Notes blogs, you’re bound to find a wine you love. Or keep reading this one, the Pour Haus Red Blend may end up being the match for you. With a Wine Nook labeled and loaded to serve, your tablescape is bound to be the talk of the day.


Tasting Date: 11/09/18


The Set-Up

Today our regular tasters, Kim and Cindy, were joined by a guest taster, Kris. Today’s lunch pairing was simple: chicken salad and pimento cheese sandwiches.


The Tasting


Starting with the aroma:


Kim: I’m getting notes of berry and tomato. It’s somewhat spicy and smokey.

Kris: It smells peppery and earthy.

Cindy: I agree with peppery! It’s definitely a bold aroma.


Onto the taste of the Pour Haus Red Blend:


Cindy: It’s smooth. Very light and silky going down. It’s not too complex, and very easy to drink. I think it would pair wonderfully with chocolate.

Kris: It would also be great with a steak.

Kim: This wine would work well with anything gamey like lamb or venison too!

Our tasters unanimously agreed that this wine was dry.


How Do We Compare?

Not much about the Pour Haus Red Blend is written online or on their box. However, Total Wine gave us this concise description: “This wine represents a smooth and well balanced Red Blend that can pair with any occasion. Elegant and medium bodied, enjoy with meatballs, pizza or burgers.” Not bad. It truly is the meat-lovers wine, we think. Perfect for a fine steak, your fave pizza delivery, and yes, even Thanksgiving faire.


Final Thoughts

    • (We detected) Notes of berry, pepper, smokey and tomato flavors.
    • Medium-bodied and definitely dry
    • Pair this with meat of all kinds!
    • Overall, we would give this 3 out of 5 Taps.

3 taps