The Perfect Halloween Party Drink


What’s a fall party without some red wine? Today, we’re sharing with you an easy way to amp up your red wine for a party (we’re gonna make mulled wine!) Mulled wine is a beverage that is typically made with red wine and mulling spices. The exact mulling spices vary, but it’s usually a combination of cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice, cloves, and fruit zest are used. You can buy these ingredients separately, but you can often find pre-packaged mulling spices (especially around this time of year.)
The recipe we’re sharing with you today is from delish.com. The fragrant spices and the warm red wine make this coziest fall drink. Best part? This recipe can be served in your Wine Nook using the included refillable bag. This means you can easily serve all your guests in a beautiful way. Enjoy!
from: delish.com    October 2009

Faced with two half-empty bottles of Zinfandel, F&W Test Kitchen supervisor Marcia Kiesel came up with this warm mulled wine, spiced with fennel seeds and cinnamon… Full recipe here.