Paint with Wine: Step by Step Guide


The people behind Wine Nook are all artists at heart. For some of the team, painting is their primary passion. The air they breathe is laced with turpentine and paint sealant. Which I must add are not exactly the most healthy inhalations you can have btw. For those of us (me!) who do not have a painter’s eye, painting is more of a fun pastime that doesn’t always reap the best creation. It’s about the experience, not the end result! So, today I have something really fun that you can do at your next wine night with friends. This a step-by-step guide (curated by Wine Folly) that shows you how to paint with wine! They even provided a video guide as well. Have fun and don’t stress over the final product. Just enjoy yourself!


from: WineFolly.com    October 2012

A quick step by step guide to painting with wine, including a time lapse video. Avoid common mistakes and get the best results painting with wine and other common foodie materials like coffee and tea. Read more.