The World's Cutest 

Wine Dispenser

Over 175 Five Star Reviews

The World's Cutest 

Wine Dispenser!

Over 150 Five Star Reviews

Girl, I've got you Covered

Kiss boring cardboard boxes goodbye!  I'm the perfect bagged beverage dispenser.  Yes I know how to party & I'm a selfcare bestie. 

Girl, I've got you Covered

Kiss boring cardboard boxes goodbye!  I'm the perfect bagged beverage dispenser.  Yes I know how to party & I'm a self-care bestie. 

I was made for boxed wine

  • I'll keep it fresh for a full month

  • No extra hassle, just take the bag out and place it inside. 

  • Did you know that boxed wine takes 1/3 the energy to produce compared to bottled? 

"Love my new Nook, and I look forward to using it, at several outdoor outings this season. The product is awesome, and their Customer Service, was amazing! I appreciate you! Cheers!"

Dawn Y.

"Love that it can make a bag of boxed wine look so classy! I even made a homemade sangria and margarita in the fillable bags and it was a huge hit for Mother’s Day! The entire family complimented it."

Ashley H.

I'm a tree-hugger at heart

When you buy me, I plant a tree through the National Forest Foundation. Help contribute to our growing Wine Nook Forest!

Girl please, I'm not that basic

  • I hold up to 4 bottles or any 3 liter box wine.

  • I go where the fun goes with my portable handle.

  • Why should you do all the work? 

    Let your guests serve themselves!

And baby, I'm all yours

  • Style me any way you want.

  • I come in 5 fun, flirty colors!

  • Engrave your name, logo, or a fun phrase!

  • Pssst... brides love having me as a guest!

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Customer Support

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Money-Back guarantee

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No matter your drink, 

I'm by your side

 I can hold almost anything you wish! Cold Brew, Margaritas, or Mocktails. Create any of your favorite drinks and serve them in fashion.

Go Ahead & Ask Me

  • How does the styling work?

Great question! First choose the fun color you want. Then, simply click "yes" to engraving. From there, choose which style you would like: a name or monogram, fun phrases our customers love, or your own logo or phrase. Easy peasy!

  • What all is included? 

  • Is there anything I can't put in it?

Just don't let me catch you with anything over 80 Proof. That just has ex-boyfriend problems written all over it.  Oh and nothing carbonated, girl you know I'll explode.

  • How much liquid does it actually hold?

It holds 3 liters of liquid, which is 4 full bottles of wine, believe it or not!

  • How long does shipping usually take?

1-2 business days, 5-10 for engraving orders. We want you to get your Nook as soon as possible, but keep in mind we can't control carrier delays--wish we could!

P.S. I make a fabulous gift

P.S. I make a fabulous gift

Over 150 Five Star Reviews