What Millennials Love and Hate


Hey guys! It’s me againThe Gen-Y voice of reason for this blog. Today we’re sharing some interesting information from businessinsider.com. It’s a well-thought out piece on things that millennials supposedly love and hate. You know me, I don’t always agree with everything that’s said about the second youngest generation. However, I think the author was pretty spot on about most of the points she brought up. I’d say where we disagree the most is on the use of emojis and the impatience for lines.


Emoji’s have been almost universally taken over by people over 30. That’s just a fact. My text conversations with my mom are full of emojis, all from her. Kids (Gen-Z) and young adults don’t see the novelty in emojis anymore. They’re overused and tired, and marketing with them just seems like pandering. Case in point, Sony Pictures Animation with the Emoji Movie. They basically made a Toy Story with Emojis. Look how hard that flopped. It has a 9% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes. 9%!!!


Emojis are fun, but most millennials use them sparingly. As for impatience, I touched on that in the previous blog post. Anyway, please check out this great piece.
from: BusinessInsider.com   October 2015

Retailers are obsessed with millennials. Stores are consistently trying to cater to this generally elusive demographic. Sometimes, when retailers try so desperately to lure this desirable (albeit generally broke) demographic, they make bizarre mistakes. Other times, they get it right. Here’s what retailers do that millennials love — and hate. Read more.