“Millennials Are Drinking So Much Wine, They’re Changing How It’s Sold”


Hello all! We’re starting a new little series to usher in our newest Wine Nook additions. For the next few weeks, our blog posts are gonna be all about millennials (and why we’re so fascinating to everyone who isn’t a millennial). Just kidding. We are, however, going to be highlighting our many quirks though, so stay tuned! To start us off, we have this great article about the millennial love for wine. Head on over to Bustle.com to check it out!
from: Bustle.com    April 2017

Red, white, sparkling, rosé, vino-infused coffee? In a box, in a bottle, in a can, in a glass in your hand? Yes, please. It’s no secret that the millennials and wine go together like peas and carrots, as Forrest Gump would say. In fact, you love wine so much that the millennial generation is actually changing the way wine is bought and sold. Read more.