Let’s Talk About Session Cocktails


Summer inspiration has reared its beautiful head fellow Nooksters, so let’s get creative! We are hopping on the bandwagon of low-proof cocktails. These concoctions answer to a multitude of different names including: shims, suppressors, and session cocktails. Whatever you call them, these drinks are perfect for the experimental side in all of us.



Never heard of them? No problem. To keep it simple, the goal of a low-proof cocktail is to give the drinker a unique and often experimental flavor combo (often with underrated spirits), while keeping the ABV (alcohol-by-volume) level low so you can enjoy more drinks with less alcohol. By “experimental flavor combo” we mean sherry or vermouth based drinks, beer and wine cocktails, and mix-in flavors ranging from spicy to sweet, herbal to fruity, or any flavor profile you can imagine. As long as the alcohol level stays low and the flavor profile is interesting, you’ve made a session cocktail.



So back to that bandwagon. We’re in love with the idea low-proof cocktails because they can easily be served from our beverage dispensers with help from our fillable bags. Caught with inspiration, Team Wine Nook is embarking on a journey to create our own session cocktail! Stay tuned for updates!



If you want to learn more about session cocktails (aka shims or suppressors), check out this aptly named article from Eater.comEverything You Need to Know About the Low-Alcohol ‘Session’ Cocktail Trend