All About Ice Wine


Hello all! Where have we been? We’re busy working on all sorts of great things for 2018 that we think you’re gonna love. We also can’t wait to have some new blog posts up soon! In the meantime, check out this article all about ice wine. It’s a really interesting concept for all of us wine lovers out there. Credits go to WineFolly.com for the informative article. Let us know if your get your hands on some of this cool wine!
from: WineFolly.com    February 2017

Welcome to the wonderful world of ice wine, one of the sweetest mistakes nature has ever made.

It’s hard to know how anyone would ever purposefully make ice wine. It might not look like it, but true ice wine is one of the hardest, most misery-stricken wines to produce. Just imagine yourself outside in sub-zero temperatures, in the dark, in the middle of a mid-west winter (or on a steep hill in Germany), trying to harvest grapes. Read more.