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Wine tasting: The brief etiquette guide

It would be fair to say that we all have slightly different definitions when it comes to wine tasting.

For some of us, it’s about knocking back as much wine as possible. For others, it’s about savoring the moment.

Suffice to say, there is certain etiquette to adhere to if you are about to participate in a wine tasting session, whether you are hosting your own and sourcing wine from somewhere like The Bottle Club or if you are venturing to an event, today’s article will take a look at some of the key rules.

Rule #1 – Don’t guzzle it down

Well, this first rule probably won’t raise many eyebrows. As we alluded to in the introduction, far too many people approach one of these events with the intention of consuming as much wine as possible.

There’s no doubt that you will have large quantities – but it has to be done in the correct way.

There’s a four-prong process to wine tasting; involving looking, swirling, smelling before then sipping. The final element to this process is key here; you’re not gulping the drink down; it needs to sit in your mouth for at least a few seconds so you can really savor the taste. This is crucial as contrary to popular belief, one of the big things you’ll take away from this session is the texture of the wine. This is something that is easily missed if you decide just to swallow it as soon as it hits your tongue.

Rule #2 – Don’t wear excessive amounts of perfume

Whether it’s perfume or aftershave, these are two substances where you have to tread very carefully.

Sure, there’s no harm in applying small quantities of these to your body, but anything beyond this really can wreak havoc with the tasting session. Suddenly, it will become really difficult to properly taste the wine – and the point of the session is lost.

Rule #3 – Take advantage of water

Sure, it’s a wine tasting event, but don’t forget that water is an important component in the day.

The experts refer to this technique as “cleansing your palate” and as well as tapping into water, try and have some crackers or something else just to get the previous wine’s taste away.

If you don’t do this, you’ll find that a lot of the wines start to blend into each other and this is going to make the whole purpose meaningless.

Rule #4 – Don’t be afraid of spitting

This next point might raise a few eyebrows amongst some of you, but spitting can be a really important element of the whole wine tasting process.

The reason behind this is simple; when you spit, you are reducing the chances of getting incredibly drunk! Like it or not, this is very easy to do when you start to taste numerous wines and in a bid to appreciate each and every one, we really would urge you to spit the liquid out after getting a sense of it.

Special thanks to this week’s guest writer, Richard Parker

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Beso Del Sol White Sangria: Look! What’s on Tap? Tue, 01 Oct 2019 13:30:07 +0000 The post Beso Del Sol White Sangria: Look! What’s on Tap? appeared first on Wine Nook.


The summer season may technically be over Nooksters, but this heatwave is not dying down seemingly anytime soon. So, I say we live like it’s sangria season until that first chill of autumn brushes our noses. (I’m still gonna start stocking up on fall candles, and yes, I have already downloaded my Christmas countdown app — thank you very much.) But I digress. Since summer is here to stay, this week we tasted the Beso Del Sol White Sangria. We’ve previously tried Beso Del Sol’s Red Sangria and loved it, so we definitely had our hopes up for this one. Will it live up to its red wine sibling?

For those who don’t know, sangria is one of the classic beverage concoctions you make using wine. As a cocktail, it’s typically made with red wine and chopped fruit — plus some added juices or liqueurs if it suits your fancy. Side note – white sangrias are made with white wine instead of red. I know, I was floored too.

While I am someone who loves experimenting with new cocktails and getting all up in the ingredients, sometimes you just want something on hand that you know is already great. Bag-in-box sangrias (like the ones from Beso Del Sol) are all the fun without the fuss. You still get the fresh and bright fruit profiles. You still get the wine-focused flavor we all love. You just don’t have to worry about the prep + cleanup. Anyway, I’m sure you guys are ready to read our review of the white sangria. So let’s get on with it.


The Tasting 

Beso Del Sol White Sangria

Right away this wine really hits you with how fruity it smells. It’s almost like hard candy or some other forbidden delicious fruit snack. We detected scents of apricot and grapefruit, and perhaps white raisins. Definitely wish you could smell it through the screen y’all. Go ahead and try, I won’t judge.

This sangria is smooooooth you guys. Like drinking velvet. The fruit flavors do not disappoint either. Sometimes sangrias can have an unpleasant tartness to them, but this white sangria definitely does not. It’s not too sweet either. It has an easy flavor that you could sip on all afternoon.

Final Thoughts?

We could see this sangria being the perfect tailgating companion this season. It would complement the salty snacks and game day food quite well, plus its pleasant flavor is sure to be a hit with every football fan. We would also recommend it as a Thanksgiving accompaniment. The sangria’s light and fruity profile would make a great balance to all the hearty flavors on the table!

5/5 Taps (one of our favorites we’ve reviewed so far!)


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Look! What’s on Tap? MacMurray Estate Vineyards Fri, 30 Aug 2019 23:30:36 +0000 The post Look! What’s on Tap? MacMurray Estate Vineyards appeared first on Wine Nook.

Fans of old Hollywood, this wine tasting is for you. This week, we tasted the MacMurray Estate Vineyards, Russian River Valley Pinot Gris. For those not in the know, the MacMurray Vineyard was once the farming and ranching retreat for Hollywood legend Fred MacMurray (of Double Indemnity and My Three Sons fame). In the late nineties, E. & J. Gallo purchased the ranch and turned it into the vineyard it is today.  Cindy Saadeh (the owner and co-founder of Wine Nook) recently had the opportunity to tour the main MacMurray Estate Vineyard. This is a private vineyard, so having the opportunity to take in the lovingly restored ranch and its buildings was quite the privilege. Not to mention the feast for your eyes that is the Russian River Valley!  While in California, she got to sample many different wines — as you can imagine — but this MacMurray wine she brought home specifically to taste with her team.  

The Tasting 

Wine: Bottle of MacMurray Estate Vineyards, Russian River Valley Pinot Gris

Kim: The initial aroma was a mineral, earthy one, like walking into my Grandfather’s garden and smelling peas as I picked them. Sweet and paired well with our simple lunch. The flavors of green apples and pistachios came to mind too for some reason. Cindy: I thought it had an earthy aftertaste and was prominent on exhale. There was a citrus taste in there as well as a little hint of pear. Quite dry. It caused a tingly sensation that spread across the palate.

How Do We Compare?

MacMurray Estate Vineyards details this wine as having, “an expressive, perfumed nose and offers layered aromas of white flowers, Asian pear and baked apple. Signature white peach, ginger and dried fig notes appear on the palate…” We definitely got the pear and apple notes! The ginger totally escaped us, but we do agree this wine had some great layers of complexity to it.

Final Thoughts?

  • Strongest flavors were apple and pear.
  • Silky-smooth and dry wine.
  • Overall, we would give this 5 out of 5 Taps.
five taps

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Every Nook You Purchase, Equals One Tree Planted Fri, 09 Aug 2019 23:30:32 +0000 The post Every Nook You Purchase, Equals One Tree Planted appeared first on Wine Nook.


Our approach to wine has always been about the light-hearted and accessible enjoyment one gets with box wine. We’ve tried to gently push the message of how amazing box wine has become so that everyone can enjoy this often overlooked beverage. But even closer to our hearts is our value of sustainability. 

We’ve covered the subject of box wine and sustainability a couple of times before in our blogs. Still, it’s vital to us here at Wine Nook to continue to keep ourselves educated on the subject and work towards a better future. Recently we partnered with the National Forest Foundation, a nonprofit partner of the U.S. Forest Service, to make a promise to you: for every Nook you purchase, they will plant a tree. These trees will be planted in a National Forest in need of reforestation. You can read more about their projects — both past and upcoming — on their website here

We pledge to keep you updated on our ongoing efforts with the NFF and sustainability as a whole. Thank you for going on this journey with us.


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3 Summer-Inspired Cocktails Chosen for You! Sat, 03 Aug 2019 01:46:54 +0000 The post 3 Summer-Inspired Cocktails Chosen for You! appeared first on Wine Nook.


Y’all, this summer has been an absolute scorcher. I mean the kind where your hair is always tied up, makeup becomes optional, and you’re barefoot 90% of the time. There’s just something about extreme heat that makes you want to laze around, so nothing can compare to fruit-filled chilled cocktails to quench the heat. 

We’ve scoured the internet for cocktails we think embody summer and all it has to offer, to bring you these three drinks that are Wine Nook approved! Plus, all of these beverages were selected specifically to use in our fillable bags. Meaning: not sparkling and below 80-proof!

Pineapple Jalapeno Smash

Pineapple is the best fruit, and I will fight anyone who disagrees. So when we found this Pineapple Jalapeño Smash cocktail from Fork in the Kitchen, I was very excited. Vodka-based, it’s the perfect blend of sweet and spicy. If you’re feeling bold, this is definitely the recipe for you. Not to mention, this drink is a breeze to make!

Southern Bourbon Peach Tea

Even easier than the previous recipe is this party-pleaser. Transport yourself to the south with three of our favorite things packed into one cocktail: bourbon, iced tea, and peaches. This Southern Bourbon Peach Tea from Dazzling Daily Deals is a seriously simple combination that makes for a foolproof drink at your next BBQ, picnic, or block party.]

Blueberry Basil Margarita

Summer means margaritas! And because we love unique takes on classic recipes, we fell in love with this Blueberry Basil Margarita from Super Golden Bakes. This mixed drink is loaded with yummy flavors, including: blueberries, basil, agave, and lime. It’s a sweet twist on an old favorite that you’ll want to sip on all summer.

Let us know if you make any of these delicious cocktail recipes! We’ll be posting our attempts on Instagram over the next couple weeks. If you decide to make one of these recipes to use in your fillable bag, leave a comment and we’ll tell you just how to get the ratio right.

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4 Ways to Personalize Your Wedding Sat, 13 Jul 2019 13:30:12 +0000 The post 4 Ways to Personalize Your Wedding appeared first on Wine Nook.


Wedding season is in full swing, and we’re all about helping you find those little touches that will help turn your impending nuptials into the beautiful day you’ve envisioned. Personalization is a great way to add unique and bold touches your wedding. The possibilities for personal touches are really endless because there are no rules on what can or can’t be part of your big day. So, like many wedded to be, we took to Pinterest for ideas. Here are four ideas to help you personalize your wedding:

4 Ways To Personalize Your Wedding

Signature Cocktails

One of the best ways to add a splash to your reception is to serve cocktails inspired by you and your fiance(é). Whether it’s the cocktail he’s made you for years, or the one your friends know you serve up best, a signature cocktail at your reception adds a fun and modern twist. Stay tuned in the weeks to come. We will be featuring some cocktail recipes we love. You may get inspired!

Wine Nook Wedding Bundle

Up the ante on serving your signature cocktails with our new personalized Wedding Bundle. Two Wine Nooks featuring the colors and personalization of your choosing. Plus, the bundle includes our new Fill and Chill Pack (two fillable bags and two branded ice packs) — your signature cocktails’ best friend. Check out the bundle page here.

Personalized Wine Glasses

Wine glasses with your touch can be DIY or buy. There are many fun and pretty techniques for adding flair to your wine glasses on Pinterest. Marbling, painting, glitter, and confetti are just some of the ways people DIY. If DIY isn’t your forte, engraved glasses like the ones we have on our site may make the perfect wedding accessory.

Personalized Snapchat Filter or Hashtag

Maybe it’s sorta pretentious, maybe it’s genius — it’s probably both. But having a personalized Snapchat filter or social media hashtag to commemorate one of the biggest occasions of your life seems all in good fun to me. Plus in the age of age of social media Memories, you’ll have a digital scrapbook to look back on in the coming years. If you do decide to go the hashtag route, keep it unique so it’s easier to find your pics at a later date!


This is just a sample of how you can add some personal flair to your wedding. If Pinterest is any indication, there are many more ways to add unique details. Just remember to save some money for the honeymoon.

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Enough with the FOMO, Indulge in the JOMO Sat, 15 Jun 2019 13:00:13 +0000 The post Enough with the FOMO, Indulge in the JOMO appeared first on Wine Nook.


The word is out about our new partnership with Barefoot Wine, and we couldn’t be more pumped. But this week we’re taking a break to really bask in the vibe of Summer. This week, it’s all about tapping into JOMO — the Joy of Missing Out. The Joy of Missing Out is exactly what it sounds like. Created by Barefoot, this idea is about the delight and satisfaction of staying-in. Who goes out on a Saturday night anymore anyway? Not going to Coachella is the new Coachella, remember?

Below we’ve created a list of some of our fave ways to spend the night-in:

5 Great Ways to Indulge in the JOMO

  1. My personal fave is to make an iced coffee (whether it’s 9 AM or 9 PM I’m down for one) and catch up on my fave shows. I’ve got my eyes on Big Little Lies and Stranger Things 3 alllll summer.
  2. If old movies are more your speed, snuggle up in your PJs, pour a glass of Rosé, and feast your eyes on the splendor that is a Cary Grant marathon.
  3. Self-care is a fantastic way to revel in the JOMO. Rip open a sheet mask, run a honey-oatmeal bath, and enjoy the bliss of being unplugged for just an evening.
  4. Reading! Whether you enjoy reading the traditional, e-book, or audiobook way, books are sure to transform a typical night of staying-in into something amazing.
  5. Finally, throw a Girls’ (or Guys’) Night In. You don’t have to party to have fun with your fave people. Scooch over on your couch, throw on a great movie, and enjoy each other’s company.

Feel Like Winning a Wine Nook?

How could you make your JOMO even better? Wine, obvi. With our Limited Edition Barefoot Box Wine Dispenser and any Barefoot on Tap wine you have the perfect couch buddies for your next night-in. Because Barefoot wants you to have the best staycation ever, if you head to their website now you can enter for the chance to win some amazing items for your next night-in (Wine Nook included).

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Blue Chardonnay: Look! What’s On Tap? Sat, 18 May 2019 13:30:53 +0000 The post Blue Chardonnay: Look! What’s On Tap? appeared first on Wine Nook.


We, like many others, fall prey to the allure of Instagram. We become enamored with the lives and aesthetics of Other People. These Other People with their seemingly perfect, breezy, jet-setting lifestyles that allow them to buy and try new things just because they can. They are the influencers who influence us to want new and exciting things for ourselves. How can we not? Their lives are blindingly impeccable.

This trap led us to try the elusive beast that is blue wine.





I was confused too. But no, it’s very real and very blue. The particular variety we tried was from the brand Marques de Alcantara. It’s their ‘Azul Chardonnay’.

The Tasting 

Wine: Marques de Alcantara Azul Chardonnay

We went into this tasting eager to try the most instagrammable blue beverage to come out of the alcohol industry. And having seen it in person we can definitely attest to its beautiful blue color. Before uncorking, we were dreaming of fresh blueberry flavors and a bright Chardonnay.

But guys, it doesn’t live up to the hype. Like, at all.

The smell was candy-like? Though more like the old candy your Grandma has at the bottom of her purse. The taste wasn’t much better. There were no layers or complexity to the notes. Or note, I should say. As its flavor was singular. A sort-of almost apple quality that did not transport me to a resort in Mykonos like Instagram implied it would.

To be fair, we didn’t try the most popular blue wine brand out there: Gik. And with a quick glance at reviews it’s clear Gik is the superior baby blue wine of the field.

Take it from us, read the reviews before trying the latest Instagram hype.

1 tap

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Barefoot Said Yes, and Other Exciting News Fri, 10 May 2019 17:00:42 +0000 The post Barefoot Said Yes, and Other Exciting News appeared first on Wine Nook.


May 2019 Updates

Ohmigosh you guys, we’ve had a rewarding, exciting, whirlwind these past couple weeks, and we’re so excited to tell you what’s in store for Wine Nook these next several months.

For starters, we are beyond thrilled to announce that we have found our sole-mate. We’re dipping our toes in with Barefoot Wines! Ahem. Anyway, Barefoot (the #1 wine brand in the US) has branched out into the box wine market, and they’ve chosen Wine Nook to be their sole-mate.

Barefoot on Tap x Wine Nook is such a great combo because we love and value the same things. At our core, we believe enjoying wine should be a lighthearted and chill affair. Something fun and lively that brings people together. We think Barefoot shares this idea with us; their name is an ode to the free-spiritedness of being barefoot after all!

Also, in the first week of May we were featured on the NBC Today Show! Full stop. Yes, you read that correctly. Our Little Nooks were scouted for a Kentucky Derby party segment on Today with Hoda & Jenna. We want to give a special shoutout to Chassie Post for finding us and highlighting us in the segment. We were honored to be in such great company! If you want to watch the segment, you can find it here.

Next, we’re excited to have been featured on the Café Mom website as one of their 36 Stylish Ways to Up the Home Entertaining Game. This list has a ton of cute ways to help make your next party a total success, and we definitely agree Wine Nook could help you out in that department.

Keep your eyes on our blog for updates!

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Barefoot Moscato: Look! What’s On Tap? Thu, 25 Apr 2019 12:30:18 +0000 The post Barefoot Moscato: Look! What’s On Tap? appeared first on Wine Nook.


You can probably tell that we’re just a teensy bit obsessed with the Barefoot on Tap wines that came out earlier this year as we’ve already tasted, reviewed, and thoroughly enjoyed their boxed incarnations of Pinot Noir and Pinot Grigio. Today’s tasting brings you a wine that conjures up images of easy brunches, summer picnics, and fluffy confections. Why, we’re talking about Moscato of course!

Straight from the source, Barefoot Wine says Moscato wines “typically feature the sugary flavors of peach, orange blossom and nectarine.” With this in mind, let’s get right to the tasting.

The Tasting 

Wine: Barefoot on Tap Moscato

The pour was fragrant and fruity, very indicative of Moscato wine. Though the smell was quite “grapey,” which isn’t a note you smell too often with wines — ironically enough.

For Kim, pears and peaches came through on both the smell and taste, but Cindy definitely tasted Honeycrisp apples. Despite our tasters not coming to a consensus on the flavor notes, they both agreed the wine was sweet, full-bodied, and tickled your nose! It doesn’t make your lips pucker at all, but it does wrap up with a slightly tart finish.

Once we read the box, we were surprised to realize the tart zip was from a citrus twist. Hey, we told you in our first wine tasting that we aren’t experts.

Final Thoughts?

Both of our tasters really enjoyed this wine. They also unanimously decided dessert was the best option for pairings. We’re dreaming of pairing this wine with New York cheesecake, shortbread cookies, or Key lime pie. For times’ sake though, we grabbed some chocolate covered pretzels from our local chocolatier. Needless to say, the Barefoot on Tap Moscato elevated the salty-yumminess of the already delicious snack. Naturally, that makes this wine our new best friend.

4.5/5 Taps

4.5 taps

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