“Drink Outside the Box”


While Team Wine Nook is busy at the Asheville Wine and Food Festival today, I thought I would share with you this informative article from the New York Times. This article talks all about the environmentally friendly aspects of boxed wine.


Boxed wine is truly the better choice for the environment!


It also talks about the improvements made to boxed wine over the last 30 or so years. Enjoy!
from: NYTimes.com   By: Tyler Colman   August 2008

Wine in a box makes sense environmentally and economically. Indeed, vintners in the United States would be wise to embrace the trend that is slowly gaining acceptance worldwide. Wine in a box has been around for more than 30 years — though with varying quality. The Australians were among the first to popularize it. And hardly a fridge in the south of France, especially this time of year, is complete without a box of rosé. Read more.