Daily Mom’s Guide to Unique Gifts 2017


We’ve always said the Wine Nook is the perfect gift, but don’t take it from us! Check out this gift guide from dailymom.com. This guide features all kinds of unique, cool, and fun gift ideas for the holidays. We like to think the Wine Nook falls into those categories 😉 Enjoy!


from: DailyMom.com    

“It’s really true, not any ‘ole gift will do. Seeking high and low, to and fro, and lo and behold, it’s the perfect gift. Unique and simple, yet rare and precious, let this holiday shopping satisfy even the most contentious. Browse our holiday guide for some of the unique finds this holiday season… If you are shopping for someone who loves to entertain, host, or simply enjoy a good glass of vino, the Wine Nook is the perfect gift. Say goodbye to the cardboard box of boxed wines, and hello to a beautiful and highly functional replacement option.” Read more.