Bag-in-Box Wine ‘Making a Comeback’ Says Amazon


The UK knows the best kept secret of wine. Hint, it comes in a box. 😉 Check out this article on rising boxed wine sales in the UK!
from: TheDrinksBusiness.com    July 2017

Sales of bag-in-box wines surged 212% at Amazon this summer leading the online retailer to declare the format to be “making a comeback”, as a growing number of UK retailers work to improve their boxed wine offer.


According to the online retailers, sales of its bag-in-box wines increased by 212% year-on-year during June and July, with consumers said to be “embracing the convenience of quality boxed wines”.


The retailer attributed much of this growth to the changing consumer perception of boxed wines, likening this shift to the evolution of corks to screw caps. Read more.