Blue Chardonnay: Look! What’s On Tap?


We, like many others, fall prey to the allure of Instagram. We become enamored with the lives and aesthetics of Other People. These Other People with their seemingly perfect, breezy, jet-setting lifestyles that allow them to buy and try new things just because they can. They are the influencers who influence us to want new and exciting things for ourselves. How can we not? Their lives are blindingly impeccable.

This trap led us to try the elusive beast that is blue wine.





I was confused too. But no, it’s very real and very blue. The particular variety we tried was from the brand Marques de Alcantara. It’s their ‘Azul Chardonnay’.

The Tasting 

Wine: Marques de Alcantara Azul Chardonnay

We went into this tasting eager to try the most instagrammable blue beverage to come out of the alcohol industry. And having seen it in person we can definitely attest to its beautiful blue color. Before uncorking, we were dreaming of fresh blueberry flavors and a bright Chardonnay.

But guys, it doesn’t live up to the hype. Like, at all.

The smell was candy-like? Though more like the old candy your Grandma has at the bottom of her purse. The taste wasn’t much better. There were no layers or complexity to the notes. Or note, I should say. As its flavor was singular. A sort-of almost apple quality that did not transport me to a resort in Mykonos like Instagram implied it would.

To be fair, we didn’t try the most popular blue wine brand out there: Gik. And with a quick glance at reviews it’s clear Gik is the superior baby blue wine of the field.

Take it from us, read the reviews before trying the latest Instagram hype.

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