A Marvelous Maipe Malbec: Look! What’s on Tap?


If you are a fan of Malbec wine, you’re already enjoying one of the great red wines of the western hemisphere! Malbec is Argentina’s most popular wine export. Although the Malbec grape is still produced in France where it originated, the terroir in Argentina’s province of Mendoza, the high altitude if Mendoza’s wine growing regions, and meticulous cultivation techniques have resulted in an enormously popular varietal. In fact, the Malbec grape is the foundation of Argentina’s ascent to the world’s 5th largest wine producer.

If you are not yet a fan of Malbec, we invite you to discover – or rediscover –  this rich, dark, captivating wine. A great place to start is the Malbec produced by the Maipe winery. Maipe’s vineyards are some 3,000 feet above sea level in the foothills of the Andes Mountains. Their winemakers craft wines that capture the true character of the Malbec grape. 

Perhaps the vineyards’ special terroir, the unique quality of Argentina’s Malbec vine clones, and the winemakers’ dedication to quality are responsible for this great wine. Or maybe there is a touch of magic bestowed by Maipe himself, the ancient Andean people’s lord of the winds! 

In any case, we are happy to report that Maipe Malbec is now available as a boxed wine.

We recently tasted the 2017 Maipe Malbec, and we highly recommend it to Malbec newcomers and old fans alike. It’s just marvelous!

Lunch: Bagel Sandwiches and kettle chips from the Bagel Exchange, a great local restaurant near us!

The Tasting 

Wine: Maipe Malbec from Argentina

Consensus: Deep purple color with glints of violet and magenta, and aromas of cherry, plum, strawberry and fig. Loads of dark cherry, warm spices and a perfectly subdued warm vanilla undertone on the tongue. Velvety tannins. Good length and a nice finish with a bare hint of white pepper. This a smooth, unpretentious, and eminently drinkable wine! Pair it with roasted red meats, pasta dishes and pizza. 

Cindy’s thoughts: Wonderful grape aroma upon unsealing and tapping the wine. Smooth with a spicy and slightly tart end. Black cherry taste. “It would be good with great stinky cheese!”

Kim’s thoughts: Reminded me of a brown sugar candy my Grandpa used to buy. I also noticed it was spicy and smooth, but not overly rich or big bodied. Slight tannins marked the finish. I also thought of dates. This wine reminded me of the date bars my Mom would make at Christmastime! Wonderfully simple finish. I would enjoy with a simple mozzarella/fresh basil/marinara pizza.

Final Thoughts?

We very much enjoyed this excellent example of Argentina’s marvelous Malbec!

4.5 taps

Thanks again to guest writer Russ Stevens!