Barefoot Moscato: Look! What’s On Tap?


You can probably tell that we’re just a teensy bit obsessed with the Barefoot on Tap wines that came out earlier this year as we’ve already tasted, reviewed, and thoroughly enjoyed their boxed incarnations of Pinot Noir and Pinot Grigio. Today’s tasting brings you a wine that conjures up images of easy brunches, summer picnics, and fluffy confections. Why, we’re talking about Moscato of course!

Straight from the source, Barefoot Wine says Moscato wines “typically feature the sugary flavors of peach, orange blossom and nectarine.” With this in mind, let’s get right to the tasting.

The Tasting 

Wine: Barefoot on Tap Moscato

The pour was fragrant and fruity, very indicative of Moscato wine. Though the smell was quite “grapey,” which isn’t a note you smell too often with wines — ironically enough.

For Kim, pears and peaches came through on both the smell and taste, but Cindy definitely tasted Honeycrisp apples. Despite our tasters not coming to a consensus on the flavor notes, they both agreed the wine was sweet, full-bodied, and tickled your nose! It doesn’t make your lips pucker at all, but it does wrap up with a slightly tart finish.

Once we read the box, we were surprised to realize the tart zip was from a citrus twist. Hey, we told you in our first wine tasting that we aren’t experts.

Final Thoughts?

Both of our tasters really enjoyed this wine. They also unanimously decided dessert was the best option for pairings. We’re dreaming of pairing this wine with New York cheesecake, shortbread cookies, or Key lime pie. For times’ sake though, we grabbed some chocolate covered pretzels from our local chocolatier. Needless to say, the Barefoot on Tap Moscato elevated the salty-yumminess of the already delicious snack. Naturally, that makes this wine our new best friend.

4.5/5 Taps

4.5 taps