Archer Roose Redsurrection: Yes, We Tapped That!


It’s been a minute, friends. Today we’re bringing you another tasting, and with it, another red wine! The Archer Roose Redsurrection Box is 100% Carménère wine. Carménère wine grapes are produced in Chile and have a distinct flavor (more on that at the end of this blog). More specifically, this wine comes from the Colchagua Valley of Chile’s wine regions, which is known for some of the most complex Carménère wines! Let’s get sipping…


Tasting Date: 10/10/18

The Set-Up

We paired our Archer Roose Redsurrection wine with some freshly made soup and quiche from one of our favorite local restaurants. We wanted to keep it simple but autumn-inspired.


The Tasting

Right off the bat we noticed how opaque this wine is. It’s very dark, with an almost reddish-brown tint! As for the nose, it’s sophisticated. Our tasters weren’t quite sure what aromas they were getting. They thought they detected currants, leather, and possibly grape jelly?

Cindy: It makes me think of being in a chateau and sipping wine in a library: all the leather sofas and the slight mustiness – but not in an off putting way.

Onto the taste:

Kim: I tasted raisins at first, but after we started eating, the wine began to smell and taste like figs! Whether it was the flavor pairing with the food, or the wine had aerated, I’m not sure.

The flavor was very subtle, yet complex. It was reminiscent of leather and cigars in a pleasant way.


How Do We Compare?

This wine is described as having plummy and peppery notes. We can excuse the fig we tasted as being almost plum, but we really didn’t get the pepper notes! Apparently, a distinctive trait of all Carménère wines is pepper notes. Hmm. We’ll keep that in mind for another tasting of this wine. Archer Roose, we’re gonna be drinking this Redsurrection wine again and again, we think.


Final Thoughts
    • Notes of fig (or plum, apparently), currant, and grape jelly. We missed the pepper.
    • Subtle, yet complex flavors.
    • This would pair well with many roasted meats. Great for Thanksgiving!
    • Archer Roose Redsurrection is our favorite box red wine we’ve reviewed to date
    • Overall, we would give this 5 out of 5 Taps.

5 out of 5 Taps