All About Our Little Nooks



We need to have a chat. Last month we introduced our latest member of the Nook family, and I haven’t given you a proper blog post about it. Today I will be addressing the what, the how, the where etc. of our newest friend. I’m talking about our new Little Nooks!



Pictured above, our Little Nooks are our latest box beverage container. So what exactly makes them “Little” Nooks? I mean, they can hold the exact same 3 liter bags as our original Nooks. They still elevate your boxed wine off the counter for easy serving. We think of the Little Nooks as the “younger sibling” of our original Nooks, because these Nooks are made with our budget-friendly consumer in mind. They are made with MDF instead of pine, and sport a stainless steel handle instead of leather. At $59, our Little Nooks are perfect for people just getting into wine, seasoned wine enthusiasts who love the color options these Nooks provide, or for buying in bulk for wineries and weddings.


The number one comment we always get from customers is they wished we had more color options. Because while the classically stained wood on our original Nooks is gorgeous, sometimes you just want a bit of color. And don’t we all want to match our kitchen decor? The new Little Nooks come in three colors: a Classy black, a Sassy red, and a Chic white. We thought these colors would be a great starting point for our new Wine Nooks because just about every kitchen can find it’s perfect Nook pair now. Have a lot of wood features in your kitchen? Your best bet is one of our original Nooks. Is your kitchen more of a modern style with stainless steel accents? Try one of our Little Nooks!


We wanted each of the new Little Nooks to have a clear aesthetic as well. Instead of just offering a black, a red, and a white, we have given them distinct names to reflect the mood we feel they represent. Our Little Nook in black is Classy. The color black evokes a feeling of timeless sophistication. Our Little Nook in red is Sassy. The color red is full of life and energy.  Our Little Nook in white is Chic. The color white is a quiet elegance. You can choose your Nook based on your mood, match it to your home decor, or for your event theme. Whatever floats your boat! Each of these colors would look good in almost any home. We are inspired by these colors everyday. If you want to learn more about each Little Nook’s aesthetic, check out their mood boards on our Pinterest!


Our Little Nooks are available for purchase now here, for $59. They are also available at Amazon.com and at several brick-and-mortar locations. For a full list, click here. (Little Nooks may not be available at all locations yet.)