The improvements in box wine have been monumental, except for the cardboard packaging. While much more eco-friendly, the cardboard box only serves two basic functions; storage and distribution. This issue presented a prime opportunity for two artists to come together to create a beautiful and highly functional solution; the Wine Nook.
Cindy Saadeh is a professional artist with a background in oil painting. She owns an art gallery and has an artist reception each month. Wanting to serve box wine for the volume of attendants at these receptions, she had the idea to put the wine in something more attractive than the cardboard box, but at the time there wasn’t a good solution available. She took the idea to her gallery manager Michael Ripper, who is a woodworker, to design something. After several prototypes and covering all the necessary details of what the box needed to fulfill form and function, together they settled on what now is the Wine Nook. They got the Nook patented and the rest is history!