5 Things Millennials have Revitalized


So far we’ve covered: how millennials are changing the wine industry, 5 ways millennials are actually amazing, and some things that we love and hate. Today, we’re going to be flipping the script. You always see articles on things that millennials have “killed.” I see at least two a week. Apparently, we’ve killed everything from the diamond industry to napkins. I have yet to see an article solely talking about things that millennials have revitalized or boosted in sales. So I’m doing one.


This will probably be our last blog dedicated to Gen-Y. I think we’ve cleared a lot of things up. Just remember going forward, every generation has their quirks. It’s gotta be tiring always coming for our generation. Anyway, enjoy this list of 5 things millennials have boosted in sales.



1. Vinyl Records

According to the Daily Trojan, vinyl sales have been consecutively rising for the past nine years. Additionally, in 2016 the best selling audio device after the iPhone was the turntable. The appeal of vinyl has been attributed to the desire for tangible music in the age of digital, as well as for immersion in a cultural era we never knew.


I can’t really explain it either. There’s just something we love about collecting our favorite music on vinyl.



2. Books

This was one that surprised me. Until I thought about it. According to Forbes, “Millennials read more than older generations do—and more than the last generation did at the same age.” Our generation had easier access to books than previous generations (thanks internet!), and the wave of YA fiction brought a lot of new readers to the wonder of books. There are lots of formats to enjoy books nowadays. If you have your phone, you can carry a library. Nevertheless, don’t think we’re all e-readers. In that same Forbes article, it’s stated that only 6% of adults under 30 exclusively read e-books. We like tangible. Think back to number 1.



3. RVs

Uhhh. This isn’t solely millennials’ doing. However we have contributed to the boost. Washington’s Top News says “2017 was the ninth straight year of increasing recreational vehicle sales.” This is partly because of baby boomer retirees. Additionally, Gen-Y has caught the travel bug.


“The RVs that are being built now are better than they have ever been. They’re really loaded with features and comforts of home…built-in wireless networks, self-tuning satellite dishes, and most campgrounds are now offering Wi-Fi.” Maybe millennials want the adventure of a mobile lifestyle, without sacrificing the amenities of home. Maybe millennials can’t afford homes in this economy. Your guess is as good as mine!



4. Boxed & Canned Wine

I had to include this. We are in the boxed wine business, after all. I highly recommend you read SevenFiftyDaily’s article on the millennial wine obsession. It really opens your eyes on how the wine game is changing. Just a few tidbits, millennials make up 42% of wine sales in the U.S., 42% of millennials have purchases boxed wine in the past year, and 14% have drank wine from a can. The baby boomers’ numbers are much lower. This change is partially due to the eco-friendly aspects. Millennials are typically more eco-conscious than the older gens. Affordability is another aspect. We save our coins!



5. Paper Diaries & Journals

Again, back to the theme of tangibility. In an age of Microsoft Word and Google Docs, it’s only natural that we would go back to analog roots. Led in part by the desire for individual expression, it’s only expected that the “me!” generation would catalogue our thoughts off the internet too? Perhaps this resurgence is all about the aesthetic? Whatever the reasons, journaling has made a comeback, and Gen-Y is here for it.



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