5 Reasons Why Millennials are Actually Amazing


The Wine Nook has some exciting things on the way, and the team has asked me (the only employed millennial for Wine Nook) to clear some things up for them. We are a company that wants to cater to all wine lovers, after all. Over the past couple weeks, I learned that most of my fellow team members share similar thoughts and stereotypes toward millennials.



Millennials get a bad rap. Unless you’ve been completely MIA from all television and social media for the last several years, I’m sure you’ve seen a couple (or fifty) articles talking about why millennials are the “worst generation.” I feel this is an unfair assessment. Yes, you can call bias if you want. Nevertheless, I feel it’s our right to defend ourselves. So here are just a few amazing qualities that many millennials share. Feel free to comment any that we missed!


1. Politeness

Millennials have mastered the art of waiting their turn. Whether it’s in line at a coffee shop, or understanding the waitress has more than just your table to serve, millennials possess a rare amount of patience. Millennials are considered the entitled generation, but I’ve never seen a millennial frothing at the mouth when their coupon didn’t work at Kohl’s. Maybe we’re so polite because we’re usually on the other end of the mouth froth.



2. Easygoing Humor

Thanks to fast-paced social media, you have to be on your toes at all times in order to get the joke. This normally leads to an anything goes kind of approach. A movement has taken over the collective millennial take on humor. Immerse yourself in it. It may not make sense at first, but you’ll soon be in on the jokes. Maybe.



3. Attentive

Another great thing about millennials that stems from media of all kinds is how attentive we are to issues. It’s near impossible for us to feign ignorance on current events when we are bombarded with information as soon as it happens. Millennials don’t wait for the 8 o’clock news to stay updated. We find out the instant news is made.



4. Outspoken

Millennials are a new breed of politically active. We speak our mind on issues in many ways. We show up at elections and protests, and we say what we we feel in person and online. As of 2018, all millennials are adults now. We are just beginning to stretch our legs and test the waters of change. Soon, we will be the generation making decisions, and it’s important that we are as outspoken as we can be.



5. Open-Minded

I’d venture to say that our generation is the most compassionate and understanding to date. Ours is the generation that is focused mainly on social issues. We listen to people and their struggles. We strive to uplift those who are downtrodden, and to amplify their voices. 



Millennials are the future. It’s important that the generations who are (by now) professional adults understand this. Leave us an economy to work with, and we will try our very hardest not to kill the diamond industry anymore.