4 Ways to Personalize Your Wedding


Wedding season is in full swing, and we’re all about helping you find those little touches that will help turn your impending nuptials into the beautiful day you’ve envisioned. Personalization is a great way to add unique and bold touches your wedding. The possibilities for personal touches are really endless because there are no rules on what can or can’t be part of your big day. So, like many wedded to be, we took to Pinterest for ideas. Here are four ideas to help you personalize your wedding:

4 Ways To Personalize Your Wedding

Signature Cocktails

One of the best ways to add a splash to your reception is to serve cocktails inspired by you and your fiance(é). Whether it’s the cocktail he’s made you for years, or the one your friends know you serve up best, a signature cocktail at your reception adds a fun and modern twist. Stay tuned in the weeks to come. We will be featuring some cocktail recipes we love. You may get inspired!

Wine Nook Wedding Bundle

Up the ante on serving your signature cocktails with our new personalized Wedding Bundle. Two Wine Nooks featuring the colors and personalization of your choosing. Plus, the bundle includes our new Fill and Chill Pack (two fillable bags and two branded ice packs) — your signature cocktails’ best friend. Check out the bundle page here.

Personalized Wine Glasses

Wine glasses with your touch can be DIY or buy. There are many fun and pretty techniques for adding flair to your wine glasses on Pinterest. Marbling, painting, glitter, and confetti are just some of the ways people DIY. If DIY isn’t your forte, engraved glasses like the ones we have on our site may make the perfect wedding accessory.

Personalized Snapchat Filter or Hashtag

Maybe it’s sorta pretentious, maybe it’s genius — it’s probably both. But having a personalized Snapchat filter or social media hashtag to commemorate one of the biggest occasions of your life seems all in good fun to me. Plus in the age of age of social media Memories, you’ll have a digital scrapbook to look back on in the coming years. If you do decide to go the hashtag route, keep it unique so it’s easier to find your pics at a later date!


This is just a sample of how you can add some personal flair to your wedding. If Pinterest is any indication, there are many more ways to add unique details. Just remember to save some money for the honeymoon.